By Hervé St-Louis
Apr 3, 2011 - 13:19

Mystique is one hell of a successful villainess. Introduced in in Ms Marvel #16 in 1978 and later popularized in the Uncanny X-Men's Days of the Future past storyline, Mystique is a shape changing mutant that doesn't age and has been influencing mutants affair for years. She continually works on both sides of the law, whether for the X-Men or not. In the early 200s, Mystique became a fan-favourite when she starred as the second in command of Magneto in the three X-men feature films and even got her comic book series with gorgeous covers. The Mystique action figure from ToyBiz was released as part of the Series 10 Marvel Legends action figures by ToyBiz (Marvel Toys) also known as the Sentinel Series.

The action figure is a disappointment. Mystique has a puny body like many female Toybiz action figures at the time. She feels so brittle after a few years that I don,t dare bend any of he r limbs. through years, they've also become bent and deformed. For example her knees seem to twist under relatively light weight of her upper body.

The gorgeous body of Mystique is nowhere to be found in this action figure. She looks like a cheap puppet with an oversized head. Her, head, by he way, is the only saving grace of this action figure. it's a good face but with a glued on hair piece. Mystique sports her classic outfit and none of the newer ones seen in recent comic books. The haircut is the same old one too, making Mystique less attractive than she should be.

If you don't have this action figure, let me tell you, it's not hard to find. It's often seen in the bins of retailers who want to part with it. It's really not a good action figure.

Notes: I'll get actual pics of this action figure soon. Just need to find time to pose her in an ideal spot and take a few shots.

Rating: 6.5/10

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