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MyCup o' Joe Reveals "Secret Warriors"
By The Editors
October 18, 2008 - 04:47

Exclusive Secret Warriors Art And More In MyCup o’ Joe 28!

It’s that time again True Believers! Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada sits down with journalist Jim McLauchlin for this week’s exciting edition of MyCup o’ Joe! Fan of Jonathan Hickman? Wondering what he’s got in store for the new SECRET WARRIORS book with Brian Bendis? Well Joe’s got your exclusive first look with graphs, circles AND flowcharts! Also, Joe has news on SUPER HERO SQUAD including both covers AND the first look at the huge poster! ULTIMATUM, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN (Matt Fraction makes a guest appearance), MARVEL ZOMBIES…are you drooling yet? Plus, the announcement of a brand new series starring Dr Doom! All in this and more in this weeks MyCup o’Joe only at!

And as always, Joe’s answering questions from YOU the fans! Did you ask a question last week? Well here’s you’re chance to see it get answered. Head on over to and experience the fun.

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Image from Doctor Doom Project.





















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