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MyCup o' Joe Week 22 Talks Nova
By The Editor
August 22, 2008 - 19:10

Nova #17

King-Size MyCup o’ Joe Week 22

Are you ready for an overload True Believers? Marvel EIC, Joe Quesada and journalist Jim McLauchlin serve up a heaping mound of some brand new art for YOU the fans! This week’s MyCup o’ Joe at is sure to make fans of all corners of the Marvel Universe extremely happy. Joe talks about the newest Marvel animated DVD, Next Avengers, as well as some news on the new story arc in Spidey, “ New Ways to Die!”

Fan of the cosmic universe? Gotcha covered. DARKHAWK makes his return in Nova #17 and we’ve got a sneak peek at the cover! Cable, Wolverine, X-Men, Captain America; Joe covers it all and MUCH MORE! And most importantly, He’s answering YOUR fan questions! Joe was able to barrel through a whole bunch this week. Did you ask a question? It probably got answered! So what are you waiting for True Believers?! Head on over to right now and check it out!

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