Capcom's Street Fighter 5 Announced - Wait - There's More!
By Hervé St-Louis
Dec 7, 2014 - 16:06

Platform: PC, Playstation 4

So Capcom announced that Street Fighter V (5) would be available exclusively for the Playstation 4 and personal computers. I’m not sure how other platform makers and Apple will react to this news. Well, I guess, they already knew about Capcom’s exclusion. For Microsoft’s Xbox division, this is odd news. It means that their strategy of imposing the Xbox as their closed computing world platform is failing with game producers that matter. Capcom favoured the open personal computer system to the closed Microsoft-controlled environment. This is good news for gamers and consumers in general. Always favour open systems, no matter how attractive the closed offering seem.

Well, okay, Sony’s Playstation is not as closed. So money must have something to do with this latest deal. Sony needed a good news for once, after having being severely battered by antagonists in the last few years who opposed its closed systems. Capcom promises that players from the two platforms will be able to participate together in cross-platform gaming. Capcom will demonstrate Street Fighter 5 on Saturday December 13 in San Francisco. It’s interesting that it chose Silicon Valley’s front yard to introduce the new game. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but years ago, locations such as Los Angeles or even satellite video game locales such as Seattle or Vancouver would have been better spots.

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