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Dark Horse Has CCI "Domo" Exclusives
By The Editor
May 28, 2008 - 04:25

Dark Horse Deluxe Announces Exclusive Comic-Con International Domo Variant

Japan’s favorite television network mascot is taking a giant-size bite into America’s pop-culture consciousness, and Dark Horse is helping him nibble away at the edges with a sold-out series of custom vinyl figures. Although the character depicted is normally seen in his natural brown hue as an animated character or on licensed products, the Japanese property owner and its master agent, Big Tent Entertainment, have allowed Dark Horse Deluxe to introduce limited editions of flocked vinyl figures in rare variant colors.

Response has been strong, and all the color variant figures sold out in advance of publication. A new, previously unannounced variant flocked vinyl Domo in bright canary yellow is being readied for distribution as an exclusive at Comic-Con International, which takes place July 23-27 in San Diego. Although the event is expected to draw over 150,000 attendees, only 400 of the yellow figures are being produced, and will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Dark Horse Comics exhibit booth. Domo has enjoyed great success with Japanese youth, and has fostered increasing recognition in the American anime community over the last few years. 

In addition to the 8” vinyl figures, Dark Horse has produced a highly successful line of Domo products, including a self-mailer stationery set, two journals (one in the shape of Domo), an embroidered patch, and a sculpted magnet. Future licensed products in development include a line of 5.5” vinyl figures, again featuring color variants, and a very large 18” limited-edition version. The canary yellow Domo will be sold exclusively during Comic-Con International for a retail price of $50.


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