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Dark Horse Deluxe Does Domo
By The Editor
February 18, 2008 - 03:43

Everything is Coming up Domo

Dark Horse Deluxe recently announced the acquisition of a license to release a line of merchandise based on the popular Japanese NHK mascot Domo.  The product line includes a unique self-mailer stationery set, an adorable sculpted refrigerator magnet, an embroidered patch, two separate journals and a flocked vinyl Domo in four variations.

The first journal has a photo cover, reminiscent of a 1970s photo album—the kind in which Mom put all those embarrassing shots—that depicts Domo rolling in the grass with patches of flowers all around.  The second journal is a silhouette, die-cut in the shape of Domo, and features a flocked surface that creates the sensation of fur. This is combined with laminates on board, so his teeth and mouth contrast in a tactile way, not just with color. His round black eyes are made of plastic affixed to the surface for a three-dimensional effect, with a spiral binding concealed under his arm.  The flocked vinyl journal is a first for Dark Horse and is scheduled as a precursor to the centerpiece of the Dark Horse Domo line: 8.5" flocked vinyl figures—not only in traditional Domo-brown, but also variant figures in pink, white, or blue.  This is the first time Domo will be seen in a color other than brown, and Dark Horse is proud to present these notable, flocked vinyl figures in very limited runs.

The stationery, photo journal, and patch will release in April, and will range from $4.99–$9.99.  The flocked journal and sculpted magnet will be available in June for $7.99–$14.99, as well as the limited-edition flocked vinyl figures for $39.99—see edition size and info below.

Classic Brown - Limited Edition
Royal Blue - Limited to 500
Fabulous Fuchsia - Limited to 500
Polar White - Limited to 250




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