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Deadpool Is Back
By The Editor
October 20, 2008 - 19:05

Wait did he just do that?  Did he really just say that? Yes, yes he did. Marvel is pleased to announce that for the third straight issue, Deadpool #3 has sold out at Diamond and will be going back to print with Deadpool #3 Second Printing Variant. Written by fan favorite Daniel Way (Wolverine: Origins) and artist Paco Medina, this new printing sports a cover featuring Medina’s acclaimed interior art! If everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth keeps this up, the Skrulls are going to begin regretting trying to invade Earth—but will Deadpool save the day…or doom us all? There’s no telling what Deadpool will do next—and everyone loves it!


With three quick sell outs, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Deadpool and other Secret Invasion tie-ins. Can Deadpool save the say for Nick Fury? Or will a hidden foe spell doom for their plans? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Deadpool #3 Second Printing Variant!

Written by DANIEL WAY
Pencils and Cover by PACO MEDINA
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC—10/30/08, On-Sale—11/19/08

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