Developers Are Like Dads, Apps Are Like Kids
By Hervé St-Louis
July 14, 2010 - 22:36

Parents that have many kids might relate to this. I see all the ComicBookBin apps as kids that as a parent I have to help grow until they mature and graduate!. Well, my eldest ComicBookBin for iOS (iPhone) has had three releases so far and is doing quite well. Today, we finalized the work on our baby, ComicBookBin 1.0 for webOS. I call it the baby because although one could say he was developed at the same time as ComicBookBin for Android, I did start working on the webOS version a few days after the Android version.

But some kids need more attention than others. Some need very little help in life and make it on their own quite well. Some need more involvement from dad. Android is that kid. I love ComicBookBin for Android. Of all the versions out there, Android has the most distinct look. I think it will become everyone's favourite too. I've worked very hard on Android. More than I did for webOS.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to deliver ComicBookBin 1.0 for Android as a finished product before the San Diego Comic-con. That hurts a bit because a lot of efforts were put into this release. A lot of people are waiting after it too. At best it looks like another two weeks, unless I can do some serious crunching.

I refuse to cut corners. I want the app to be great and not buggy. I want it to be easy to use and have the same basic features the other versions have. But it seems Android needs a whole lot more TLC to be a great app. Bur I think it's worth it.

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