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Vampirella Strikes #2 Advanced Review
By Andy Frisk
January 30, 2013 - 19:54

Dynamite Entertainment
Writer(s): Tom Sneigoski
Penciller(s): Johnny Desjardines
Inker(s): Johnny Desjardines
Colourist(s): Adriano Lucas
Letterer(s): Marshall Dillon
Cover Artist(s): Johnny Desjardines and Fabiano Neves
$3.99 US

Vampirella is recruited by the Dominations, "Heaven's Black Ops" as Janus (Vampirella's soon to be partner in her heavenly mission) describes them, and begins her search for a Angelic General...who is mysteriously missing... The Dominations tell Vampi that Janus, a sort of double agent between heaven and hell who smacks of a John Constantine-like selfishness but is an exile of Heaven by no choice of his own, is going to help her on her quest to find the missing General. Janus just might do so...if he and Vampi can survive an attack from some very strange half angelic, half demonic creatures created from, among other things, divine blood.

After thoroughly enjoying Vampirella Strikes #1, I'm pleased to report that #2 isn't simply just an enjoyable as #1, it ups the ante in every way making this little tale of Vampi's one of the best I've read from Dynamite Comics thus far. Writer Tom Sniegoski deftly portrays Vampi's dangerous dual nature, and her struggle with it, while continuing to develop Janus, a character who really has the long term potential to act as a foil (and potential love interest?) to and for our hero. Mix in all the classic references to Miltonic angels, demons, God, and the ever popular subject of the "war in heaven," and Vampirella Strikes, even if its premise isn't terribly unique (although it does have a nice twist to it), breathes fresh life into old themes.

Speaking of angels, demons, wars in heaven, our titular hero, and the breathing of new life into old themes, artist Johnny Desjardines breathes new life into the portrayal of the above listed classic characters by giving the angels a classic Miltonic look ("Bright-harnest Angels" describes them quite accurately) and keeping Vampi's wardrobe respectable (no string bikini necessary to enjoy this tale visually). His vile angel/demon hybrid creatures display the necessary goriness of look suitable for a horror themed comic book's villains, and the mysterious demon behind them is also suitably creepy looking as well. All around, Dejardines does an excellent job of creating familiar yet fresh looks for Sniegoski's characters.

A good ole' fashioned, yet frightfully fresh, read, Vampirella Strikes #2 simply leaves us thirsty for more...and thankfully there is more to come. 

Rating: 8/10

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