DC Comics
The Unwritten #13
By Dan Horn
May 14, 2010 - 13:45

DC Comics
Writer(s): Mike Carey and Peter Gross
Penciller(s): Peter Gross
Inker(s): Peter Gross
Colourist(s): Chris Chuckry
Letterer(s): Todd Klein
Cover Artist(s): Yuko Shimizu
$2.99 US

In The Unwritten #13, Tom, Lizzie, and Savoy are out of the frying pan and into an absolute inferno of subterfuge and deadly conspiracies surrounding the debut of a brand new book in Wilson Taylor's Tommy Taylor series. But, Wilson hasn't written the book, Savoy isn't quite who he says he is, and Lizzie may very well be just as deceitful. What's Tom to do but head to the nearest pub and slam a few back with his old pal, Frankenstein's monster?

This thirteenth issue of the Eisner-nominated series sets up The Unwritten's "second season," as Mike Carey put it. #13 definitely does a fine job of building up the tension and intrigue, but that's all this issue really excels at. The story isn't really propelled in one direction or another at this point, and we find ourselves with more names to remember and mysteries to be answered than we did previously. Carey and Gross pose nearly as many new questions in this single issue as they have the entire past year!

The two co-conspirators Mike and Peter are so adept at weaving all of this convoluted plot twisting together, it's hard not to love even a comparatively dry and expositional chapter in this story, like #13. This issue may not have you quite as near to the edge of your seat, but it serves its purpose in getting readers caught back up to speed and in sewing the seeds of year two's plot line. Don't skip out on this issue or you may be lost for ever when it comes to the series' future events!

Rating: 8/10

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