DC Comics
The Unwritten #12
By Dan Horn
Apr 14, 2010 - 9:38

DC Comics/Vertigo
Writer(s): Mike Carey
Penciller(s): Peter Gross, Kurt Huggins, and Zelda Devon
Inker(s): Peter Gross, Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon
Colourist(s): Peter Gross, Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon
Letterer(s): Todd Klein
Cover Artist(s): Yuko Shimizu
$2.99 US

Mike Carey and Peter Gross reach the 12th issue of their groundbreaking series The Unwritten!

In this landmark twelfth issue, readers are transported away from the post-Jϋd Suss predicament of main characters Tom, Lizzie, and Savoy to a strange and remote corner of the literary megacosm: a land called Willowbank Wood, full of cute, fuzzy little animals straight out of Beatrix Potter tales. But this stand-alone tale is anything but cute and cuddly.

As is the usual Mike Carey fashion, just before a storyline’s apogee, he and Peter Gross whisk us away to another place entirely. It is this tantric writing tactic which lends exponentially increasing depth to those delayed climaxes.

With beautiful art finishes by series newcomers Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon, “Willowbank Tales” is one of the most solid and unique issues of the series, accompanied in style and scope by the Eisner Award-nominated “How the Whale Became” story based on the life of Rudyard Kipling which was seen in The Unwritten #5.

Created by long-time collaborators and chums Mike Carey (Lucifer, Hellblazer, X-Men Legacy) and Peter Gross (Lucifer, Chosen, Books of Magic), the Vertigo series The Unwritten has taken devout readers on a magically stunning adventure, the ethereality of which makes even the low gravitational pull of fiction and fantasy realms seem like the inescapable, light-bending force of a black hole. Capably fusing the abstract with the concrete, The Unwritten is magic realism to the nth degree and would have even the genre’s stiffest detractors recanting their criticisms. This is definitely something much more than mere fantasy.

Carey and Gross appear to be having an absolute blast synthesizing this visionary tale, and their readers are having just as much fun going along for the ride.The Unwritten continues getting better and better!

Rating: 10/10

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