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Short Gems on Disney Plus: Sparkshorts
By Patrick Oliver
August 26, 2022 - 20:15

Studios: The Walt Disney Company
Starring: various
Directed by: various
Produced by: Pixar Animation Studios
Running Time: 6-13 minutes
Release Date: 2019
Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Genre: survival, comedy, family, buddy, science fiction, Fantasy, animation

I've very recently stumbled upon the SPARKSHORTS series by Pixar Studios on Disney Plus, and I have to say that the quality in the material that I've seen so far is very high. There are different styles of animation, which means they all look and feel different too. Sound and music are used to good, sometimes stirring effect. The directing and editing are faultless and the stories are strong and very involving.

I genuinely feel like I've been missing out up until now, having only just discovered this series of short animated films. But I am very appreciative, that I now have a new world of animated shorts to enjoy! So far I've viewed 'Float', 'Smash and Grab' and 'wind' and they were equally impressive and a joy to watch. I may have to ration watching the others, but now that the pandoras box has opened, there may be no closing it. If you are a fan of animation and haven't already watched these short films, please do! They'll brighten your day.  

The list of Sparkshorts (so far) are:



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