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Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Catch a Ride
By Sean Booker
Jul 6, 2015 - 12:48

Studios: Telltale Games
Rating: M (Mature)
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC, Mobile
Players: 1


The third episode, Catch a Ride, of Tales from the Borderlands ends up being the best one yet. The humor and silly antics that we have come to expect continue nicely. Character interactions are enjoyable and work off one another in interesting ways. Most importantly is the addition of a brand new ally that easily steals the show. Apart from a few weird glitches, Catch a Ride is a great middle chapter to this series.


As we have come to expect, this series is quite funny and episode three is no different. The cast of characters is constantly changing and they work off each other is interesting ways. In fact, there were a number of times I found myself just standing idle so I could listen to the humorous background chatter that my team was having with one another. There also seems to be a clear progression to where some of these characters are headed and it’s nice to see some real development. For fans of the core Borderlands games, some familiar faces make a welcomed appearance. Tales from the Borderlands continuous to be interesting and make itself a fun world to be in.  


A new ally is introduced in this episode that completely steals the show. In order to avoid any spoilers I’ll just mention that it is extremely cute and enjoyable to interact with. This addition is definitely welcomed and fits in perfectly with the ridiculous scenarios our heroes continue to find themselves in. It quickly shot to the top of my favorite characters list from this series and I look forward to seeing how else it gets incorporated.

Much like many of Telltale Games’ episodes, Catch a Ride has a layer of glitches I encountered. The game froze on me during an early cutscene load that caused me to have to repeat a section. This is especially frustrating considering you can’t skip any cutscenes in the game. Along with this I had a couple quick time events that seemed like there weren’t registering my inputs correctly. Some bars would fill up and pause indefinitely while I mashed the correct button while other progress indicators didn’t move at all. That section ended up feeling broken to me but at least I didn’t receive any fail states from these errors. Neither of these were game breaking or that detrimental but they still ended up annoying. We’ve seen little glitches for years now in these game and it’s unfortunate that so many end up with this small amount of irritation.

Telltale continues their trend of making episode three the clear standout. This installment has easily been my favorite from this series and has me excited to play through the back half. The characters continue to be interesting and enjoyable and the new team member always steals the spotlight. Although it is a shame that we are continuing to see a small number of glitches. Thankfully there hasn’t been a dip in quality and enjoyment as Catch a Ride is a fun middle chapter to the season.

Rating: 8/10

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