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Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Atlas Mugged
By Sean Booker
Mar 30, 2015 - 18:06

Studios: Telltale Games
Rating: M (Mature)
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Mobile
Players: 1

After a long break we return to Tales from the Borderlands with the second episode, Atlus Mugged, being a pretty decent and funny time. The writing is quite nice throughout with several jokes that had me laughing aloud. The story also goes to some interesting places, leaving us, once again, with a good cliffhanger. Despite a few game halting glitches episode two positively continues the season and has some pretty exciting moments that will leave you wanting more.


From the beginning we start off with easily the grossest obstacle our heroes have had to deal with. It’s a moment you would expect from Telltale’s Walking Dead series and it works nicely here to set the uneasy tone. Rhys is left to deal with the surprise at the end of the first episode and the play between his revelation and the group’s problems is enjoyable to watch. There are a few of these exciting moments that helps move the episode along smoothly and enjoyably. As before, the group becomes separated and the game jumps between the two as the story unfolds.

The biggest surprise was how funny the episode is throughout. The slapstick humor from this band of rogues works nicely for all the danger they wind up in. The characters themselves will often comment on how ridiculous their situations are to comedic effect. I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions from some of the jokes. Loader Bot specifically remains a real treat in Atlus Mugged. This is quite a funny episode.


The only real downside were a few bugs I encountered. There was a moment where the main title music continued playing past the intended scene. The track didn’t stop even though the rest of the game/dialogue was continuing as normal. Reloading the check point fixed this. As well, there were some weird geometry issues that happened several times. Pieces of the scenery would freeze in place after a movement for the duration of the scene. This happened on two occasions and was quite jarring. It is unfortunate that even with the long break between this and the first episode that we ended up with a less than perfect product.


Atlus Mugged is a fun and enjoyable continuation that adds in a great deal of humor. The story remains interesting and there are enough exciting beats to keep you progressing nicely. However, it is confusing how rough this episode ended up being despite the long development length. A few bugs aside, this second episode continues the season on a high note.

Rating: 8/10

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