Marvel Comics
Nova #21
By Nathan Madison
February 14, 2009 - 23:33

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Penciller(s): Wellington Alves
Inker(s): Scott Hanna
Colourist(s): Guru eFX
Letterer(s): VC's Cory Petit
Cover Artist(s): Adi Granov
$2.99 US

     In the twenty-first issue of Nova, Richard Ryder becomes more and more disenfranchised concerning the Worldmind's (without Richard's consultation) recreation of the Nova Corps, destroyed during the Annihilation Wave some time ago. To make matters worse the Worldmind seems to have taken the last few months to make plans (again, without Richard’s approval) concerning a new home planet for the Corps to operate from; that homeworld appearing, in orbit about the Earth, as Ego, the Living Planet, longtime foe of Thor and the Fantastic Four. Nova meets with the Fantastic Four, who are understandably quite concerned about the sudden appearance of Ego. During this discussion, Richard's younger brother Robbie (and recently inducted Nova Centurian) appears, along with the Worldmind, to ask Richard Ryder to come to Nu-Xander (Ego) and return the Nova Force, the full power of the Nova Corps that he has held since the Corps was destroyed. Putting aside his fears concerning what he sees as the unwarranted and dangerously-rapid creation of a new Corps, Richard agrees. At the last minute, however, he decides something is terribly amiss, and refuses to comply; when he attempts to escape, the Worldmind removes all powers from him, returning him to Earth, de-powered and devoid of all traces of the Nova Force, as well as any status he held as a Nova.
continues to be one of Marvel’s best ongoing series. Since the inaugural issue, the art and storytelling have been fantastic, thanks to primarily the same writing team being present since the series’ commencement. Similar to Geoff Johns and his revitalization of DC Comic's Green Lantern, Abnett and Lanning took a near-forgotten character, and transformed him into one of
Marvel’s leading figures, with the series itself being the flagship title of their newly revitalized "cosmic" series of books.  Again, as has been the case since Nova’s beginnings, the work of the writing team is matched only by the illustrators' efforts, a group of artists who continue to provide a quality of illustration not readily available in many titles.
     In Richard's meeting with the Fantastic Four, there is a scene that is inescapable in its meaning to many comic book fans; in reference to the situation regarding Ego, Nova looks outward, towards the reader, and relates, more or less to us, that only an idiot would recruit a planet into a corps of intergalactic police officers. This is obviously a jab at the "other" corps of galactic do-gooders in comic book continuity: the Green Lantern Corps who have among their ranks the sentient planet Mogo. As a fan of both Corps, I have to say this link between two of my favorite series was quite welcome, with Richard's cynical gaze beyond the Fourth Wall, into our world, exhibiting the writer's intention to present a lighthearted prod, and nothing more.
persists in being among Marvel’s top-tier series, with a creative team dedicated to bringing this character into his proper place at the forefront of the Marvel Universe.

Rating: 9/10

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