Marvel Comics
Mighty Avengers #35
By Hervé St-Louis
March 26, 2010 - 23:39

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Dan Slott
Penciller(s): Khoi Pham
Inker(s): Craig Yeung
Colourist(s): John Rauch
Letterer(s): Dave Lanphear
Cover Artist(s): Khoi Pham, Craig Yeung, Morry Hollowell
$2.99 US

Hank Pym’s Mighty Avengers have already disbanded, but G.R.A.M.P.A. the organization that commissioned Pym’s Avengers is turning against him and revokes their charter. But there is more trouble around,  as Ultron has managed to take over Pym’s Avengers’ mansion, including a billion Jocasta robots. Worse, Jarvis is quitting Pym’s team. Can Pym survive an attack by Ultron?

This series, which is nearing its end has really been great as a way to showcase Hank Pym as a great character. He’s really grown here after having been turned into a lunatic the last few years.  It is creepy that he’s trying to turn Jocasta into an inflated doll but what else would one expect from a uber nerd like him. I’m beginning to see where Slott is taking the character, just in time for the Avengers’ reunion. I just hope Pym makes it as a charter member of the new team with the same kind of characterization he has here. It’s great.

Pham’s inker is not great this issue. It’s hard to figure out this team. Sometimes they work well, sometimes they don’t. This issue they don’t and the art looks weird, although it’s from a familiar team.

Rating: 8/10

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