European Comics
Little Nothings #2: The Prisoner Syndrome
By Philip Schweier
June 10, 2010 - 07:49

NBM Publishing
Writer(s): Lewis Trondheim
Penciller(s): Lewis Trondheim
Inker(s): Lewis Trondheim
ISBN: 978-1-56163-548-1

The Prisoner Syndrome is the second in Lewis Trondheim’s blog-in-a-book series, Little Nothings. I’m not a big fan of blogs, tweets and facebooking; frankly, the endless minutia of other people’s lives don’t interest me that much. But in this format, the enjoyable book book lends a certain finite quality to the “life’s little moments” presented here.

Once again, Trondheim explores life’s little moments, universal to almost all, such vacations, grocery shopping, work, and the sometimes strange conversations we find ourselves in with family and friends.

The artwork is suitably cartoonish, but in some instances goes beyond the cartoonish quality to almost appear to be a rough sketch for an eventually painting or drawing. Color plays an important part, whether our protagonist is floating in water at the beach or strolling down the street in London.

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