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Little Nothings #1: The Curse of the Umbrella
By Philip Schweier
June 1, 2010 - 09:03

NBM Publishing
Writer(s): Lewis Trondheim
Penciller(s): Lewis Trondheim
Inker(s): Lewis Trondheim
ISBN: 1-56163-523-5
$14.99 US

The Curse of the Umbrella is the first of Lewis Trondheim’s personal journal volumes, and introduces readers to his avian alter ego, a bird-like character who goes through the usual trials and tribulations of modern, mundane life, to which we can all relate. It’s rather personal, as the author reveals doppleganger’s various insecurities, often brought about by the most innocuous situation.

Thankfully, it’s not an endless buffet of Woody Allen-style psycho-emotional hang-ups. Instead, it poses a number of the same questions we all ask ourselves, with surprising interpretations. Each “moment” is confined to a single page, as he ponders such questions as how a beer can and underwear ended up on the sidewalk, though many are multi-parts as “Lewis” ponders the merits of cat adoption and the challenges of air travel.

The artwork has a doodle quality that is unique, yet at the same time comfortable to the reader, but it’s very well refined to convey setting, emotion and mood. I believe it would lend itself easily to animation, that’s something I would very much enjoy.

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