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Johnny Bullet Digital Comic #1
By Hervé St-Louis
Dec 12, 2016 - 1:18

Toon Doctor
Writer(s): Hervé St-Louis
Penciller(s): Hervé St-Louis
Inker(s): Hervé St-Louis
Colourist(s): Hervé St-Louis
Letterer(s): Hervé St-Louis
Cover Artist(s): Hervé St-Louis

A brash but clever professional 1970s drag racer becomes suspect number one and the target of death threats after evading the suspicious murder of his best friend.

Issue One introduces Johnny’s world, and teenaged origin.

This comic is for fans of street and drag racing.

Set in the 1970s Johnny Bullet has problems with cars, bad guys, and bad women. It is a web comic strip published every Sunday.

Re-lettered, partly redrawn, and in a huge file, read the first issue of Johnny Bullet as it was meant to be enjoyed, with a huge canvas, including a bonus page not published in the web comic.

Johnny Bullet Digital includes the following:
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