Halo 2 Free For All Results
By Eli Green
November 7, 2007 - 16:35

This past weekend, Bryan “Legit” Rizzo from Clearwater, Florida, also one of the members of the gaming team Str8 Rippin, came out on top of a field of 256 gamers to be crowned the Halo 2 Free For All champion at the 2007 Ford MLG Canadian Open, at the Direct Energy Centre in downtown Toronto. For his effort, Rizzo took home $1,000. Canada was also well represented in the Free For All championship, as half of the players in the top eight spots were Canadian.

Full details on the top eight finalists, and the prize money awarded to each follows:

Halo 2 Free For All Results – 2007 Ford MLG Canadian Open

Name                     Gamer Tag             Hometown                 Prize

1) Bryan Rizzo       Legit                        Clearwater, Florida   $1,000

2) Max Rawal        MaD MaX                 Toronto, Ont.             $750

3) Kevin Garcia     DARKscorpion       Toronto, Ont.             $600

4) Brandon             Moniz                        Mississauga, Ont.  $500

5) Brett Leonard    NaDEd                     Antioch, California   $400

6) Dave Walsh       Walshy                    Grandville,                 $300

7) Michael               StrongSide             Edgewood,               $200
     Cavanaugh                                         Kentucky

8) Thomas             Silent                        Montreal, Que.         $150

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