Marvel Comics
Eternals #9
By Andy Frisk
March 22, 2009 - 19:23

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Charles, Daniel Knauf
Penciller(s): Eric Nguyen
Colourist(s): Andy Troy
Cover Artist(s): Todd Klein
$2.99 US

Actually, the X-Men aren't really even seen in the issue, but they need to sell it by being on the cover!
Yep, Eternals is finished. The sales just weren’t there despite the many interesting story threads that were under development. Briefly, in this final issue we get a glipse of the future (2115 A.D. to be exact) and the Eternals, who managed to very hastily form a uni-mind and use it on the “awakened” Dreaming Celestial to drive off the Horde, thusly saving humanity, are still alive and kicking, but haven’t directly revealed themselves to humanity since driving off the Horde. It seems Ikaris feels that they need to stay behind the scenes, saving the world, but never revealing their actions directly to humans. I can’t think of a better way to write them off and get them out of the picture in order to never be used again. Looks like Marvel Comics is getting rid of these poor selling, but ever living (what a quandary!) characters.

For ideas on the potentially great tales that can be told using these unique characters, see my review of Eternals #8. An idea that occurred to me though while sorrowfully reading the final issue of Eternals was, why doesn’t Marvel Comics take a cue from their Distinguished Competition? When titles don’t prove to be super sellers and their characters can’t sustain an ongoing series, use them as protagonists in recurring mini-series that can be conveniently packaged as trade paperbacks for these characters’ fans. I’m thinking of Adam Strange and Shadowpact here. Strange and the characters who comprised Shadowpact showed up in mini-series this past year which were quite good. Also, the characters got to be interpreted, particularly in Shadowpact’s case, by different authors and artists. So, how ‘bout it “House of Ideas?”  Instead of burying us in an onslaught of X-Books and Wolverine titles, spread the wealth and give us some more Eternals, by way of mini-series. They can only be 4 or 5 issues but at least we’d see some more of our favorite characters.

I love Wolvie as much as the next comic book reader but enough is enough!

Anyway, Neil Gaiman’s revitalization of the Eternals is still a masterpiece and shows what great potential these characters have. The start of their now defunct ongoing series was promising, but fans vote with their money and unfortunately there wasn’t enough of us Eternals fans to keep it going. Good-bye for now Ikaris, Sersi and crew. Hopefully, we’ll catch up with you sooner than later.

Rating: 9/10

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