Marvel Legends
The Eternals' Druig
By Hervé St-Louis
November 20, 2021 - 20:40

$22.99 USD, $33.99 CAD
Release Date: September 2021

Druig is an Eternal of questionable allegiance who can control the minds of others. In the comics, Druig often acts as a villain, opposing the other Eternals and other Earth-based heroes. Yet, when the going gets tough, Druig is known to join the other Eternals to fight Deviants and other threats. Created by Jack Kirby, Druig was introduced in The Eternals #11 in 1977.

This Druig action figure seems prototypical of the comics’ character as he sports dark colours and a long robe. It is the first Druig action figure ever made, and of course it is a representation of the Eternal in the new Marvel movie. In the movie, he also had similar powers as in the comic. He controls minds which brings conflict with the other Eternals. He is portrayed by actor Barry Keoghan.


Of course, Druig resembles Barry Keoghan and is based on his look in Eternals. In the film he wears a robe-like garment. To allow some flexibility and motion of the legs, this clothe is cut four times at the front. As we see in the film Druig is very muscular, buffed, and a trained boxer. The figure does not allow us to see much of this though.


The figure seems to be hunching because the head is pushed forward too much. This is because the neck is also pushed forward. There is no way to correct his unless one raises his head, but he still looks odd. Druig looks unassuming and even aloof in his pose, which resembles how he was portrayed in the film. He looks very young, younger than he is. I like the sculpt a lot. While it reuses parts from Ikaris, it is not readily apparent.

The robe is very nice and gives Druig a dynamic shape, even though he is calm. It’s etched with the Eternals’ pattern throughout.



The main paint issue on Druig is the misaligned red patterns on his gown. The lower part and the one around the belly are both misaligned in most Druig action figures. The face paint on Druig is beautiful though and further captures his look. The finish on the torso is shinier than on the belly or the gown.



While the shortest of the male Eternals, Druig is still taller than many Marvel Legends action figures such as the Retro Daredevil. He is slightly taller than other MCU action figures like the White Vision from WandaVision. He looks great next to the other Eternals, of course.


Druig is rather stable. He feels like he wants to fall over but his feet are flat and heavy enough to keep his weight anchored solidly.



The shoulder pads prevent the arms from being raised up. This means that he can only raise his shoulders by a few degrees. He can rotate them 360 degrees. He has double elbow articulations and rotating hands that can bend at the palm. The chest can rotate and crunch slightly. The head is on a ball joint, allowing Druig to look up, down, sideways and rock his head. The legs can rise at the hips, but the motion is impeded by the gown. The knees have double knee articulations are not useful because of the robe. The ankles can bend up, down, and pivot.



The plastic appears to be PVC plastic with very little, if any painted pieces like the hair.


Druig comes with just a change of hands. One set are fists. The other one are relaxed hands. The relaxed hands and the fists are the same one used with Ikaris. The other prop is Gilgamesh’s head for the build-a-figure toy.



Druig comes in a Marvel Legends’ box with the Eternals’ detailing. On the back, there are images of the figures of the wave that form Gilgamesh, as well as Ikaris.


Druig costs about $22.99 USD and abut $32.99 CAD. While the Eternals’ figures were stored for at least a year because of the movie’s delay, Hasbro increased the price of its action figures, even those that were already produced, like the Eternals. A few stores will still list them with the old price, but that’s rare.



Like the Eternal build-a-figure wave, Druig is available in most stores with dedicated toy sections. You can purchase him online or in physical stores in your town. Most Eternals action figures are not very popular and are easy to find. Although not straightforward peg warmers, I expect that Druig figures will be easy to find for a while.


I like the Druig action figure, especially in light of the breakout role the character had in the Eternals’s movie. It’s a very nice figure with a realistic face. He can be reused as a druid or a sorcerer with Dungeon and Dragons collections or Mythical Legions, although he is much shorter.

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