DC Comics
Deathstroke #25
By Hervé St-Louis
Jun 3, 2018 - 14:49

DC Comics
Writer(s): Christopher Priest
Penciller(s): Carlo Pagulayan
Inker(s): Norm Rapmund, Trevor Scott, Jason Paz
Colourist(s): Jeremy Cox
Letterer(s): Willie Schubert
Cover Artist(s): Ryan Sook, Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, ALex Sinclair


Deathstroke is under trial by the Injustice Society for having turned his back on evil. Will the trial by his peers which include Vandal Savage, Hector Hammond, the Reverse-Flash, Black Manta, the Riddler, the Ultra-Humanite, and more turn out positive, what ever that means?

Christopher Priest continues to explore Slade Wilson’s psyche telling us about his mother and youth, why he enrolled so early in his career and why Madeline, his ex-wife chose him for the experiment to turn him into a super soldier. This comic was delicious as Priest mixes action and character study effectively.


One worry is the continuity of some of the villains assembled. While the situation with killer Frost is well-explained, I’m not sure if Black Manta, the Reverse-Flash or Hector Hammond should be around the table at this time. It can get a bit complicated to keep track of every villain in the room.

Carlo Pagulanyan continues to draw the best and most dynamic Deathstroke since Mike Zeck. Yeah, since Mike Zeck. I wish more people would discover this series. It’s one of the most intricate and pleasurable one on the market, regardless of how difficult it is to approach initially.

Rating: 8.5/10

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