DC Comics
Deathstroke #21
By Hervé St-Louis
Jul 10, 2017 - 10:59

DC Comics
Writer(s): Christopher Priest
Penciller(s): Deogenes Neves
Inker(s): Jason Paz
Colourist(s): Jeromy Cox
Letterer(s): Willie Schubert
Cover Artist(s): Ryan Sook; Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, Alex Sinclair
$3.99, 20 pages


While Deathstroke’s team wonders why they have joined him, the reformed villain gets a new puppy and starts to plan the first mission of team Defiance, the unit that will take over tasks from the Justice League and that is funded by the US Government. What else can go wrong?

This issue is a mi of payoff and Christopher Priest foreshadowing more complex things down the road the way he always does; it’s all very complicated. Challenging stories are not a problem but when the payoff is uncertain it’s tougher for readers. Now as someone who knows Priest’s writing, I know that there will be a payoff but so many plots are intertwined together.


One thing that Priest continues to do is to echo past incarnations of the Titans and Deathstroke into this series. Now we see that Terra is back and working for Adeline. She seems as villainous as ever. But this time, she may betray Deathstroke instead of working for him from the inside. Who knows? I do welcome her presence here as she tends to make things interesting. Just as long as we do not see her in bed with Deathstroke…

Deogenes Neves is an unknown to me but he seems ready for the big leagues. I don’t always like the way he draws faces though, but everything else is dynamic and at the level established by prior artists on this series. Last question. Why is this series priced at $3.99 when it has the same page count as cheaper series?

Rating: 8/10

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