DC Comics
Blue Beetle #2
By Hervé St-Louis
December 4, 2011 - 23:47

DC Comics
Writer(s): Tony Bedard
Penciller(s): IG Guara
Inker(s): Ruy Jose
Colourist(s): Pete Pantazis
Letterer(s): Rob Leigh
Cover Artist(s): Tyler Kirkham, Sal Regla, Sonia Oback
$2.99 US

Jaime has just received the Blue Beetle’s powers and he has to fight a bunch of villains. But maybe he’s more interested in crashing the birthday party off his sweetheart instead.

I’ll repeat it here, there was no reason to reboot this series from scratch since just a few years ago it reintroduced the Blue Beetle to a new audience and did it in a fresh manner. It’s the same character and we get to read the same types of stories all over again. I would have suggested that DC Comics fast forward to the character’s current state, ignore the stuff with all previous Blue Beetles and just continue working with Jaime. Another aspect that is annoying is the reliance on so much Spanish slang. I get it. DC Comics wants to make this character relatable to Latino audiences. However, I’m not that kind of Latino, so the frequent use of Spanish is more an annoyance than something that makes me relate to the character.

I like Guara’s work this issue. There were problems with the first issue, so I’m glad problems were ironed out. His work is crisp and with great inking by José. I particularly like how characters keep popping out the panels they are drawn in. Guara does it so naturally, that it’s almost unnoticeable.

Rating: 7.5/10

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