DCnU: The Edge + Suicide Squad and Blue Beetle
By Dan Horn
June 9, 2011 - 15:17

Amongst the DCnU's daily announcements, today's was targeted toward admittedly fringe, or "edge," titles that will be starting in September. These titles include a new Stormwatch, a DC-ification of the WildC.A.T.s character Grifter, a slight return to Kirby-isms in OMAC, and a modern day Sgt Rock.

Those worried about the future of Jonah Hex need no longer fret. Gray and Palmiotti will be keeping the reigns of that series with Moritat illustrating. The series has Hex in Gotham, joining forces with the notorious Amadeus Arkham.


Another series, which I think looks incredibly promising, is the new Deathstroke, written by Kyle Higgins and illustrated by Joe Bennett and Art Thibert. It looks and sounds like an escapist action romp. I'll be looking forward to that one.


A separate press release outlined plans for two returning fan-favorites, Blue Beetle and Suicide Squad. Blue Beetle will star Jaime Reyes again, with Tony Bedard scripting and Ig Guara pulling artistic duties.


Suicide Squad is perhaps the title I'm most apprehensive over. Gail Simone's Secret Six was an immensely successful and adored series, making it difficult to see it turn into something that appears to be catering toward goth teenagers, in terms of readopting the old title and in artistic presentation. I guess time will tell what Adam Glass and Marco Rudy can bring to this great franchise.


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