Marvel Comics
Avengers The Initiative #20
By Hervé St-Louis
January 4, 2009 - 22:24

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Penciller(s): Steve Kurth
Inker(s): Drew Hennessy
Colourist(s): Matt Milla
Letterer(s): Joe Faramagna
Cover Artist(s): Brooks
$2.99 US

It’s closure time for Hank Pym as he chats with his ex-wife trying to understand what happened to his world while he was a captive of the Skrulls. It seems like he left for years. Meanwhile, there’s a cool subplot with Tigra expecting a baby from the Skrull who was masquerading as Hank Pym. Apparently, Tigra may give birth to a litter!


I don’t know why I keep buying this series. It’s over the top and not even about the real Avengers. Worse, it’s a continuing soap operas filled with minor characters I don’t care about. But I keep buying this series because it’s entertaining is a stupid kind of way, and not expecting great literature and lowering all expectations can sometimes be good when reading a comic book. I know I’ve forgiven the contrite plots that I’ve denounced in other series. I guess Slott and Gage are a good enough writers and they know how to entertain his readers.

 Here, the writers worked over the same territory Bendis did, by having Pym look back at his lost years and come to terms with what happened. However, they treat this in a totally different manner and there are no tear jerkers here. Just smart dialogues. I guess one more issue of the Initiative wouldn’t hurt.

Kurth’s work reminds me of Michael Bair’s. His characters’ faces feel twisted and in agony. An inker with crisper lines would have improved his renderings. He does know how to capture emotions and perhaps that’s why he was picked for this issue.

Rating: 8/10

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