Marvel Comics
Alpha Flight #6 of 8
By Hervé St-Louis
November 27, 2011 - 17:33

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente
Penciller(s): Dale Eaglesham
Colourist(s): Sonia Obak
Letterer(s): Simon Bowland
Cover Artist(s): Tom Grummet, Terry Pallot, Ferran Daniel
$2.99 US

New villains join the cause of the Master of the World and Alpha Flight retrieve Northstar’s boyfriend. Also a mutant with claws joins the fray to help his buddies. Will Wolverine arrive in time to help save Vindicator and Guardian’s daughter from being experimented on by the Master of the World?

I still don’t fully understand how Heather Hudson got entangled with the Master of the World and why she would offer her daughter to that villain to be experimented upon. I predict we will see a soap opera modus operandi next issue. You know, the plot trick where the kids magically grow to adulthood in but a few years so they can start playing with the grownups too? Soap operas do it all the time but so do comics. Very few comics kids are allowed to remain kids without being aged magically to adulthood somehow. If that’s where the story next issue is going, I’ll say this series has jumped the shark – oh it doesn’t matter – Alpha Flight is getting cancelled nevertheless.

Nothing happens this issue, except for Northstar’s boyfriend who keeps beating him up and Northstar just asks for more. That’s another trick in comics that annoys me. When characters are brainwashed, it’s always expected that being with someone they truly care about will make them see the errors of their ways and they will break free from the mind control. Well, it hasn’t happened yet and Northstar is still getting beat up but you can bet that’s coming next issue too. Finally, there’s the part with Aurora. I’m confused. I thought she was with the bad guys last issue or something. Which side is she playing for again? The back and forth is getting annoying. Having multiple personalities doesn’t mean you’re an idiot who can’t pick a side and that you show up all over the place.

Eaglesham saves this comic book. His artwork is beautiful and he makes a story without any logic look entertaining. I guess even his beautiful artwork wasn’t enough to save this turkey.

Rating: 6/10

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