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Infinity Gauntlet

By Brad Dade
November 8, 2006 - 10:54

While waiting for Marvel’s Civil War to slowly unfold, here is a company crossover from the 90’s that Marvel got right. A rather simple plot, Thanos, the madman from Titan, has taken control of the Infinity gauntlet. It is a glove that holds the six Infinity Gems that basically can control the universe. They hold power over reality, time, the soul, etc. As a token of appreciation towards the one being he has ever loved, Mistress Death, Thanos kills half the population of the universe with a snap of his finger’s. The remaining superheroes of the Marvel universe band together to stop Thanos from becoming a god.


For a company wide crossover series, this six part mini is surprisingly self contained. While there were dozens of tie in books from the various monthly Marvel books, you don’t need to read those to follow the main story. Also, for a book containing over a dozen characters, the only main characters that really make this series are ADAM WARLOCK and THANOS. Warlock has returned to the Marvel universe in order to stop Thanos, whom he has a long history with. The chess-like, calculating precision that Warlock uses to position the heroes is intriguing. While at first it looks like a simple everyone-attack-the-bad-guy fight, quickly it looks like there is more than meets the eye. Thanos may look like he is after the power to control the universe(like any super villain would), but really what he after is to be loved. While that sounds sappy, it is this that makes him interesting here and not another knock off villain.

George Perez provides the artwork for the first 3 and a half issues with Rom Lim collaborating on issue 3, than going solo for the rest of the series. If you are not familiar with his art, Perez was born to draw multiple characters in any given panel. His love of detail make one want to look at the pages for more than to just read the dialogue. Ron Lim does a good job of taking over. His art is not as detailed as Perez’s, but does a good job maintaining the crisp, clear, and clean style that keeps the overall story strong.


While some of the battle scenes look great(like the first battle with Thanos vs. heroes), the “cosmic battle” that dominates issue #5 is hard to follow with a lot of white and multi- colored splash pages. While the art in the series as a whole is crisp and clean, here it is hard to follow. Also, there is a shift in power(no, I won’t spoil it) during the series that felt forced. The ending is nice but obviously is meant to launch any spin-off series to come(which did).


For a Marvel company crossover series, THE INFINITY GAUNTLET is surprisingly self contained and enjoyable. While having most of the stars such as Spiderman, Wolverine, ect., in the story, the focus on lesser character’s such as Warlock help make this a fun read. Note: Ironic that a series that dealt with a character with the power to alter the universe, the series was never marketed to completely alter the Marvel universe, unlike every company wide series that has followed from the big 2.

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