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Grumble: Chapter Two - Page 1

By Leroy Douresseaux
April 19, 2015 - 23:13

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Welcome Back! (or) Hello!  As I wrote the script for Grumble: Chapter One, I often felt neurotic about using an omniscient narrator in the caption boxes.  Then, it occurred to me that I could have a narrator that is actually a character.

Grumble, in part, is about stories, folk tales, legends, myths, etc, so, I thought, why not tell the tale of Ava Benson's return to Beechwood as a sort of bedtime story or campfire story being told within the comic book by another character – a comic within a comic?  Not quite.  So Grumble: Chapter Two introduces Miss Mary and Miss Savoy.

I based Miss Mary on my mother, and Miss Savoy is just an amalgamation of a few different people and places.  I like Halloween, but the idea of having Ava's story being told on Halloween came to me like a flash of inspiration.  And I've always thought that Halloween is not complete without some kids dressed as famous comic book superheroes.  That's why Miss Mary and Miss Savoy are walking through Halloween revelry and spot two boys who seem quite familiar.


Publisher: Monster Comics
Writer: Leroy Douresseaux
Artist: Diego Candia
Letters/Production: Jaymes Reed

Monster Comics, in association with the Comic Book Bin, joins in the launch of Comic Book Bin Sunday Comics or, as I like to call it, "Bin Sunday Comics."  We are starting with the first chapter of my dark fantasy and horror comic book, Grumble (a relaunch of sorts).  Now, the story moves to Grumble: Chapter 2.

The story focuses on Ava Benson, a young woman who returns to her hometown following her beloved uncle's death.  She finds the town under siege and a conspiracy brewing.

The story is written by Leroy Douresseaux.  The art is drawn by Diego Candia.  Letters and production are provided by Jaymes Reed of DigiCaps.  Monster Comics logo by Doug Erb.

Last year, I printed some promotional copies of Grumble: Chapter One through a POD printer.  I will sign and number a copy of this "rare" comic book for $5 post paid, which you can purchase here.

Grumble is copyright © 2015 by Leroy Douresseaux.  Characters appearing in Grumble are copyright and TM Leroy Douresseaux.

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