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By Hervé St-Louis
July 4, 2005 - 19:54

Galactus the devourer of worlds, first appearing in Fantastic Four # 48, is the first gestalt action figure from Toybiz’s Marvel Legend’s line. Galactus is the last survivor of the preceding universe. He exists for no other reason than being and eats planets to sustain himself. To complete this action figure, collectors had to purchase each of the Marvel Legends Series 9 action figures that contained one of seven parts needed to assemble Galactus.


The sculpt is pure Jack Kirby rendered to life. The size of some decoration and stripes on his suit are different from in the comics because some artists make them thick, while others, thinner. The size of the antennas and their distance is also debatable. Another major changes are the ridges on Galactus, boots. They are not the same weight everywhere. Finally, there is far more grey on Galactus than some in some comics.


This action figure is the ultimate action figure ever. The promotional images of this action figure don’t render it justice. The images make you think you’ll receive some cheap parts to assemble a gestalt action figure. This is not how it is. Galactus is a full action figure, as complete and detailed as any. It’s just bigger. The figure’s sculpt in details aren’t complex, but Galactus’ sheer size and imposing demeanour will capture the favour of any collector. Deep inside his helmet there are square irises that look sinister. This figure will make you believe that it can stand head above all others. Each details of Galactus’ suit are sculpted in.


The paint job on Galactus is better than any other Marvel Legends’ action figure. There’s a metallic coating over the blue parts of his costume. The metallic coating does a lot to make Galactus stand out. He looks more imposing and bigger than any other action figure. Shiny paint covers the crimson areas. Galactus’ face has some shading. The application is spotless which is rare with Toybiz.


Galactus is not really in scale with the Marvel Legends six inch action figure line. In reality, he should be at almost twice his current size. This action figure is about 16 inches. To be in scale, Galactus should be 28 inches. Nevertheless, I can live without any problem with a smaller Galactus. He looks great next to other Marvel Legends action figures, but will also fit with the older Marvel five inch line and Hero clicks.


Galactus is stable thanks to his sheer weight that anchors his feet on the ground. Although Galactus’ right leg is curved, he still maintains good balance. The figure really looks off balance as if it were going to fall any moment, but it’s mostly due to his irregular size that makes him appear unstable. Nevertheless, a flat surface, without many shakes and not too high up the ground is the best. Don’t put Galactus on a desk!


Galactus has 28 articulations at the neck, the shoulders, the biceps, the elbows, the forearms, the palms, the abdominal, the hips, the thighs, the knees, the ankles and the toes. The elbows and the hips have ball joints allowing more range of action. The neck, the elbows, the knees and the ankles have double articulations. Many of Galactus’ articulations are stiff so be careful not to put too much pressure on them.


Galactus has several types of plastics. He has hollow stock that is perfect for assembling such a huge figure. But there is heavier PVC-like material for his feet, his head and legs. These give more quality and value to the figure than it were but hollow plastic. The hinges on each limb are in breakable plastic, so watch out. The legs plug into the hips, which in turn, like the head, and each plug into a rump on the torso. Once one has assembled Galactus’ parts, one cannot take him apart.


Galactus himself is a prop as he comes disassembled in the package from seven Marvel Legends Series 9 action figures. Professor X’s package contains the head. Deathlok’s package has the upper torso. Nightcrawler has the lower torso. The first appearance Hulk has the left arm. The right arm is from Doctor Strange. The left leg is from Bullseye and the right leg is from War Machine.


Each action figure contains a piece of Galactus packed within the bubble package. Wires and a plastic casts hold each of Galactus’ parts. Inside the card stock of each action figure’s package, there are instructions on how to assemble Galactus. Unfortunately, none of the packages offer any information on Galactus.


Collectors must purchase each of the seven action figures in the Marvel Legends Series 9 to assemble a complete Galactus. Often, Marvel Legends action figures retail for $12. That would make Galactus at least $84. Some of these figures are rarer than others, so it’s common to find auction sites and store selling them for more. Toybiz does not suggest any price to retailers.


Assembling a complete Galactus is not easy. With every twelve Marvel Legends action figures, there will only be the possibility to assemble one figure. Because Toybiz has not manufactured each figure equally, it’s easier to find the left leg of Galactus, that comes with Bullseye than any other parts. Next, is the upper torso, from Deathlok, the lower torso from Nightcrawler and the left arm from the First appearance Hulk. Galactus’ head, right arm and right leg are the most difficult to find because there is only one of each per case of twelve action figures.

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