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Civil War #4

By Hervé St.Louis
September 23, 2006 - 20:08

Thor is back and he’s depleting the forces of the rebel super heroes quickly. His reappearance suggests there is more to the plotting of Tony Stark and Reed Richard. To make matters worse, there’s a tragic death in the rebels’ forces and both sides are starting to lose members. This is obviously but a pause before the big fight continues next month with the other secret weapons of Tony Stark and his team.

I liked this story although there are some plot holes. If you were part of the rebels and decided to leave them out of fear for your own security, would you necessarily join the forces of the other side or just retire? Similarly, if you were part of the registration forces, would you join the rebels or just stay neutral? We’re not dealing with soldiers here. These guys are super heroes.

This is a big fight issue and Millar is a great choreographer. Not all good writers are capable of putting such good spin on a comic book fight. This question leads directly to the secret death of this issue.


Dr Bill Foster, also known as Goliath is not a super hero’s super hero. He didn’t even make the cut in such large Marvel Universe gatherings such as the Infinity Wars. Most readers probably don’t know much about him. Really, his presence here was to give fodder for the war. At least when DC Comics kills some people in its big events, it gets better characters like Blue Beetle and Firestorm. If there ever was a fan following for Goliath, I want to see it. Sure there are no bad characters, the saying goes, but Goliath was a loser from day one. He plotted his girlfriend’s return way back in Powerman and kept losing his fight to third rate villains. The only team he was ever part of was the Champions. They are more third rate losers than even the Defenders. Foster hardly had battle experience. He will not be missed. He’s like the White Tiger character who was killed in Daredevil a few years ago. Fodder to make other characters look good.

The only fight fans might have wanted to see was Goliath versus Yellow Jacket. Dr Pym has so much more experience.  It’s ridiculous. A good thing is that in recent years, many of the characters who borrowed powers and identities from Dr Pym have all died. I like how Marvel is cleaning up its universe and getting rid or all these legacy and derivative characters. Now, if only DC Comics could follow suit.


A better character to eliminate would have been Stingray. At least he was an Avenger and had a unique set of powers and design. He got more exposure throughout the years and wasn’t such a loser. I also wonder where all those old Marvel Characters came from. I haven’t seen Nighthawk for decades. Where has he been all this time?

McNiven’s work is great. It’s a mix of Brian Bolland and Paul Mounts. He’s not the best at facial expressions, but he can create compelling destruction scenes. Il like how Captain America looks like an old army grunt.


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