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After-School Bitchcraft: Volume 1 manga review


By Leroy Douresseaux
April 26, 2020 - 13:48

After-School Bitchcraft Volume 1 cover image

Rated “OT” for “Older Teen”

After-School Bitchcraft, Vol. 1 (Chapters 1 to 6) introduces high school student, Ririka Kirise, a “gyaru,” or “party-girl fashion” type.  This style-savvy high school girl is also serious about keeping up with her chemistry class, although she struggles with the subject.  Looking for some help, she opens the door to her teacher's office and inadvertently breaks his magic barrier in the process.

It seems that Renji Fuyumi is both a high school teacher and a sorcerer.  Unbeknownst to Renji, Ririka also has the makings of being a sorceress herself.  Before she knows it, Ririka is Renji's apprentice, and she finds herself wrapped up in the world of witchcraft and stuck in some sticky situations.

[This volume includes four color pages; an “Extra” manga (Episode 4.5); an “Afterword” by Yu Shimizu and Kazuma Ichihara; and “Translation Notes.”]

THE LOWDOWN:  The After-School Bitchcraft manga has an unusual name.  What is “bitchcraft?”

After-School Bitchcraft Graphic Novel Volume 1 does not introduce us to a high school teenage girl who is a “bitch,” not as far as I can tell.  The first volume presents, in Ririka, a girl who is very powerful, but who is more of a “klutz” or “ditz” type.  However, she is a likable, and readers may find themselves wanting to discover the world of magic through her eyes.  Writer Yu Shimizu, who is also an author of light novels, hints at a complicated and dangerous world of magic that Shimizu is bound to unveil before readers' eyes as the series unfolds.

The art and storytelling by artist Kazuma Ichihara is playful and is filled with “fanservice,” in the form of panty-shots, T&A, and Ririka's curvy figure and bountiful bosoms (which always seem ready to burst forth like eager and playful puppies).  Christine Dashiell's translation plays up the aspects of this story that are a sexy romp and teases the parts of the story that deal with this world of mysterious magic.  Letterer Phil Christie splashes fonts and word balloons across the pages that make this story pop even when it is being teasing and frivolous.

I don't know if After-School Bitchcraft will be exceptional, but the first volume does make me curious about the second volume.  Plus, it is hard to resist Vol. 1's cover art, which features the number “1” emblazoned in red on Ririka's ample left breast.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans of sexy magical girls will want to try the Yen Press title, After-School Bitchcraft.

7 out of 10

Rating: 7 /10

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