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Writer's Strike has Ended!

By Zak Edwards
Feb 14, 2008 - 21:50

It’s now officially official, the 2007 Writer’s Strike has ended and WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) members have already been returning to work, making up for lost time.  In an overwhelming 93% in favour vote, the writers agreed to the deal backed by WGA higher-ups.  But not all of TV’s shows will be getting benefitting immediately from this decision.  Some shows will be getting extra episodes at the end of this

season, but networks have decided that some other shows will wait until September, effectively ending this season and starting a new one at the usual time.  Some shows, however, will be back for an extended season to help bring some fresh programming back to television.  Now that the writers are back, these shows will begin production and it is projected that new episodes of some shows will be back for April, perhaps even sooner.  Let’s take a look at some decisions for the more popular shows.

Fans of Smallville will seem to be one of the least affected shows on television.  Thanks to a late start time and backlog of scripts, the adventures of a young Clark Kent will simply have less episodes than a usual season.  There are still three unaired episodes made from the beginning of the strike and production will begin on episodes right away.  The goal is to have between four and five episodes to add to the current season.

Battlestar Galactica
Early reports suggest that the fourth and final season of the hit science fiction space epic will likely be split between the episodes already produced being shown this season and the episodes yet to be put into production to be aired either next September or as late as 2009.

Hugh Laurie’s Emmy award-winning Dr. House will be returning to rile up his supporting cast for five more episodes.  The show was experiencing a resurgence in popularity after some drastic changes were made to the format of the show.  The risky decision was paying off before the show was forced to shut down but hopefully House will be able to recapture and maintain its audience.

Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU
Both of these shows will also be ready to air new episodes in mid-April.  How many shows being produced before the end of the season has not yet been announced, but it is probably safe to assume somewhere between four and eight new episodes will air.

Prison Break
Rather than attempt to begin a new story, the network for Prison Break has decided to leave this show until it can begin a brand new season in September.

More shows coming soon!

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