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Wolverine Weapon X #2

By Andy Frisk
June 25, 2009 - 22:47

Stabbings, slicings, an eight minute battle that resolves nothing, and some of that great Aaron humor makes Wolverine Weapon X #2 a significant step up in quality from issue #1. Maybe issue #1 was just a warm up and stage setter. In issue #2, the action ramps up, and it’s not gratuitous for the sake of being gratuitous, like Wolverine’s train slashing episode from last issue was. Wolverine gets down to some serious slashing, but in the process ends up getting a taste of his own medicine this time.



After tracking down Roxxon’s Blackwater…I mean, uh…Blackguard agents, who are products of stolen files from the old Weapon X program (which created our favorite short hero with the temper and claws), Wolverine lures them out, and into a fight where several stabbings are made, trees are cut down (hey, the battle takes place in the Colombian jungle!), and lots of “RROOAARRR’S!” are unleashed. After the aforementioned, eight minute battle between Wolverine and two of the Blackguard agents leaves the three at a stalemate, Wolverine decides to change tactics…



As we’ve seen, from his run on Ghost Rider, Aaron knows how to write a solid action/adventure story that showcases subtle, yet pretty sharp, wit and humor. When Melita Garner, the reporter for the San Francisco Post who Wolverine saved on the train last issue, and who obviously is intrigued by Wolverine, “one of the longest tenured X-Men,” suggests doing a full profile on him during a staff meeting, and the editor responds with, “Wolverine…He the one with all the claws? Uh-Uh, forget it. He’s way too overexposed. Half the videos on YouTube are of the guy stabbing somebody. I want something fresh. We’ll run these shots of The Punisher stabbing somebody,” I had to stifle a sharp laugh. That’s the humor I was looking for in issue #1 that I didn’t quite find. Aaron knows that Wolverine is overexposed, and he isn’t afraid to joke about it, or draw attention to this fact for the sake of a laugh. I think I’m starting to like this series.


There’s more than just that little episode of humor in issue #2 though. Wolverine’s “Oh, you gotta be kiddin’ me,” reaction to the laser claws of the Blackguard agents, and the build up to his exasperated eloquence, along with the panel layout leading to the stalemate, with the simple heading of “EIGHT MINUTES LATER,” also are examples of Aaron’s subtle, yet witty use of humor.


Speaking of panel layouts, Garney’s pencils continue to be top notch. He captures the savagery and humanity of Wolverine quite well, and draws some superb action sequences. His grasp on background detail and human anatomy are strong as ever, and he fits Aaron’s storytelling like a glove.



Yeah, overall, Wolverine Weapon X just might shape up to be a pretty good read. As the book progresses, and Aaron starts to fire on all cylinders (had to throw in a Ghost Rider/motorcycle reference), this book has a chance to take off. I still firmly believe that Wolverine is way too overexposed, and that he’s used by Marvel to sell anything and everything from boxer shorts to bobble head dolls (including a host of comic books that aren’t so great, where he makes a one page appearance, yet gets to grace the cover. Yes, you know who you are, Dark Reign Elektra #4). In the hands of a talented writer though, Wolverine is one of the best Marvel characters ever created.



Rating: 8.5 /10

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