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Titans # 21

By Koppy McFad
January 23, 2010 - 00:16


This issue largely sets the team up for the eventual "promotion" of Dick Grayson, Starfire, Donna and Cyborg to the Justice League. The team makes short work of some second string supervillains but have a harder time dealing with the setbacks suffered by their fellow team members. In a certain way, this issue really bids goodbye to the old Wolfman-Perez "New Teen Titans." Sure, the characters are still around, they may even reunite someday but they won't ever recapture what the old mood and atmosphere of those times. So DC Comics is pretty much telling us that those days are gone for good.

This gives the issue an atmosphere of sadness. Not too much of course. It is a bit disappointing that DC Comics couldn't have milked this comic for more pathos. But we do get enough action and characterisation to make this comic interesting. We learn more about Cyborg and Starfire and get some loose ends tied in the case with some other ex-Titans. Too bad this comic couldn't be even more interesting. Even with all the drama, it is clear that this issue is just filler before the new TITANS and the new JUSTICE LEAGUE make their appearance. Perhaps that is unavoidable. The Titans-- whether Teen or adult, have devolved into mere supporting players in the DC Comics universe: a place for promising characters to get tried out-- and then either kicked upstairs if they are successful or killed off if they are not. And to think just a few years ago, the New Teen Titans comic was the best-selling title on the market.

The art is basic but quite pleasing. It helps tell the story despite the numerous flashbacks and monologues. There are a few panels where the profiles of certain characters (like Donna Troy) look a little off. But on the whole, it contributes to the book. The only drawback is all the gloomy darkness. Did the Titans forget to pay their electric bill or something?

Rating: 6.5 /10

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