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Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

By Chris Zimmerman
August 29, 2011 - 14:01

What defines a villain? When is a man the hero of his story? Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers seeks to examine these questions by focusing on the complex relationship of Thor and Loki from the trickster God’s perspective. The age old battle between the two reveals a fresh look at the brother’s rivalry wherein we learn that perhaps Loki isn’t as evil as he’s made out to be.

The release is the latest in Marvel’s line of motion comics, taking original artwork and manipulating it to provide motion. Past projects have seen mixed results, with limbs moving in a wooden manner while the character’s bodies remain in place, much like the effect of a paper doll. The effect can be off putting and threatens to take the viewer out of the experience completely. Fortunately Marvel takes a different tact with Blood Brothers, using a mix of the usual motion technology and textured computer animation that gives the series more of a three-dimensional look. Strangely though, is the fact that the series splices the scenes together seemingly at random, flashing between the traditional look and the substantially superior textured look.

The story is set from Loki’s point of view and as such, all his conflicts and opinions are automatically partisan to himself. His struggles with Thor are revealed not to be out of jealousy but rather a twisted sense of love. It’s very Shakespearean in a sense and that peels back the malignant curtain and reveals a tortured individual seeking acceptance from his family.

The title is a bit deceiving, casting Thor away into the dungeons while Loki exposits the circumstances that led up to his eventual victory. In fact Thor’s appearances are limited to the title credits, brief snippets in which his silhouette is visible, and flashback sequences. The spotlight is clearly set on Loki and that’s where it remains for much of the time, as he wanders the palace and encounters various characters from his corner of the marvel universe.

Bonus material is limited to interviews with the production staff and a making of featurette. If you’re a fan of the original comic, you’ll want to give it a look to see the work that went into transforming it from two dimensional images to textured figures in motion.

In the end, Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers is a captivating look into the mind of one of marvel’s greatest villains. The animation is beautiful for the most part and fluid and a departure from the static animation that has come before. Consider this a tale of “brotherly love” that should not be missed.


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