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The Ultimates #15 Review

By Andy Frisk
September 21, 2012 - 19:40

Continuing the "Divided We Fall" storyline where the United States is fragmented into independent territories following the events that nearly nearly destroyed the world just before the Ultimate Comics line was re-launched, Captain America disobeys a direct Presidential order and rallies the Ultimates to stop drones launched from the West Coast Nation that are out of control. They are killing innocents with impunity, and the only ones who can help seem to be The Ultimates. Meanwhile, Nick Fury makes a brief appearance to help steady Cap's resolve while what's left of the United States proper holds a hastily cobbled together Presidential Election. The winner of which will be one of the boldest moves made in a series of bold moves made by the Ultimate Comics line's writers...

SPOILER ALERT-There are some spoilers discussed below. So if you haven't read The Ultimates #15 yet, you just might want to do so before reading any further.

Seeing The Ultimates in action together again is pure joy for this old fan of the Ultimate Comics line from Marvel Comics. Writer Sam Humphries not only writes a great Cap and team, he manages to pack as many satirical winks and nods to real life characters, events, and organizations as Jason Aaron does with his hilarious satire. He also crafts a masterfully relevant and commentary packed chapter of an overall masterfully relevant and commentary packed story arc. Redneck militias, techies and business moguls who think they can govern effectively, and shadowy behind the scenes manipulators are tearing the Ultimate Universe's version of The United States of America apart, much like their real life contemporaries are seemingly trying to in our own universe. No wonder Captain America wins the presidential election...

...yep that's right folks, Steve Rogers/Captain America has been elected, through write in votes, to the highest office in the land. He doesn't get to really digest what this means this issue as the revelation is made on the very last page, but the brilliant near full page panel of a very small looking Steve Rogers standing at a pay phone receiving the news from Carol Danvers amongst the damage that was incurred during The Ultimates' battle with the drones is very telling. A huge figure on the superhero battlefield and front, Steve will obviously fell very small in the Oval Office, at least professionally. Billy Tan manages to convey much more than just this powerful scene throughout the book though. His action choreography and attention to detail is absolutely a feast for the eyes. He draws one of the most interesting and compelling Captain Americas that I've ever seen.

A wildly careening and awesomely out of control storyline packed with satire and commentary just got its stakes raised. "Divided We Fall" and the upcoming "United We Stand" are Ultimate Comics storytelling at its best.  

Rating: 10 /10

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