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The Savage Hawkman # 2

By Koppy McFad
October 30, 2011 - 23:31


A wider plot involving various alien creatures slowly emerges around Hawkman.

In this second issue, Hawkman manages to drive off the alien monster Morphicus but another group of aliens-- seemingly disguised as humans-- appears to be behind the wider plot against him.

There might be a good comic hidden here but both the art and the story succeed in burying it. Strange new concepts, like the bizarre "Non Lethal Alternatives" institute, are introduced out of nowhere, without enough build-up to make them interesting. Hawkman's relationships with the other characters suddenly shift, for no reason at all. One moment, his landlord wants him evicted, the next moment, they are all friends again. The hot, blonde chick appears to be flirting with Hawkman-- then suddenly they are arguing bitterly. It doesn't make any sense.

The art fails to make things clearer. Maybe this is because the art team is using a style that intentionally makes the comic book look like it is painted rather than drawn. But the end result is something that looks covered up by oils and pastels rather than a story told through pictures. You can't tell what is happening in the story, if the bad guy is slugging Hawkman or vice-versa. All the settings, regardless of whether they are in a high-tech laboratory or an antiseptic hospital, all look dark, dank and gloomy, like they were all taking place in a dungeon. The art also fails to convey the emotions on the character's faces. Is hot-blonde-chick angry at Carter or what? Is Carter irritated, worred or just sleepy? You just can't tell.

This second issue has been a major disappointment and the rest of the series could end up the same way unless someone at DC Comics takes some drastic steps to improve the quality of this book quickly. Just look at the first issues of the last HAWKMAN title, when Geoff Johns and Rags Morales reinvigorated the character, turning him into a major figure in the DC line of superheroes. They showed that Hawkman could be a frightening, awe-inspiring character. This latest 'savage' incarnation of the character is just confused and confusing.


Rating: 3 /10

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