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The Invincible Iron Man #15

By Andy Frisk
July 25, 2009 - 22:43

Pepper tracks Tony to Russia, and finds him in a serious state of intellectual decay, for the brilliant Mr. Stark. Unfortunately, Pepper isn’t the only one tracking Tony, as old flame Madame Masque also catches up with him. Meanwhile, Maria Hill tracks down Natasha Romanov/Black Widow in order to seek her help in getting the important package Tony entrusted her with to Captain America. Natasha isn’t exactly willing to cooperate, but when a “concerned citizen” calls the HAMMER hotline, and reports the two as being “costumed Al Qaeda terrorists” (they both aren’t even in costume), they are forced to work together.



The Invincible Iron Man currently ranks as one of Marvel’s best books right now, along with Captain America. Matt Fraction continues to weave a tale that we just can’t get enough of. The month long wait between installments of the current storyline is nearly unbearable. Tony Stark has had a myriad of health problems in the past, and has danced with death, alcoholism, and many heart issues, but losing his intellectual capacity slowly over the last several issues has to be one of the toughest losses Tony has had to face. Tony Stark’s only “superpower” has always been his genius. His intellect isn’t a superpower though, in the sci-fi sense of the term that is. It’s his gift and what makes him who he is. This makes his dwindling ability even more dramatic. He will have to recover his intellect at some point in the future, as we will have to see Iron Man fly again, but right now that eventuality seems far from happening anytime soon.


There’s been plenty of mention in previous reviews of The Invincible Iron Man about how the artwork here (and in War Machine) is a techno-phile’s dream. The artwork brings to life, in near photorealistic style, all of the necessary computer glow, and armor plating that makes Iron Man the interesting techno-hero he is. Larroca, though, demonstrates his ability to create detailed and realistic recreations of the natural world in this issue as well. The snowy Russian Siberia glows with natural reflected sunlight as realistically as Pepper’s technologically glowing chest plate does.


Overall, The Invincible Iron Man is a book that is always near the top of the monthly reading pile, and rightfully so. Tony Stark/Iron Man remains a fascinating character who over the decades of his existence, from the Cold War to the “War on Terror,” and beyond has always been a character who has maintained his relevance. Happily, in the era of the Dark Reign, Tony and ole’ Shellhead are still at the top of the pile of Marvel heroes who still matter, and better yet, stay interesting.

Rating: 9 /10

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