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The Binquirer, August 3 Edition: A slew of Marvel NOW! teasers, Aurora Rise Benefit, Guardians of the Galaxy rewrite, Dark Tower update, and much more!

By Dan Horn
August 3, 2012 - 11:59

The Binquirer isn't just an asinine pun; it's also your best source for pop-culture news. Here at the Bin, we're dedicated to making your reading experience more fulfilling, and our new aggregated news articles, The Binquirers, will keep you up to date on comic books, films, video games, and more in one frequent and concise package. Enjoy our latest installment below!

Marvel Comics:

Marvel released several Marvel NOW! teasers this morning:

The first, through iFanboy, reads "SOLDIER," and lists Rick Remender and John Romita, Jr., as the creators helming the project. Could this be the new Captain America series coming in November? Remender has been on a roll lately with Uncanny X-Force, Venom, and Secret Avengers. I'd love to see what he can bring to a Cap series.

The second teaser, through MTV, boasts "LEGACY" which could very well be the relaunch of X-Men: Legacy (the word IS in the title), but we can't be sure. Taking the reins here are X-Club writer Si Spurrier and artist Tan Eng Huat.

The third and fourth, both from USA Today, seem related... Blood related. One teases, "FAMILY," while the other says, "EXTENDED." This is almost definitely a Fantastic Four reference with the "extended" family perhaps being FF, aka Future Foundation. Helming these relaunches are Casanova's Matt Fraction and original Thunderbolts artist Mark Bagley and Fraction and Madman creator Mike Allred respectively. What an incredible lineup!

Rob Liefeld wasn't quite as keen on the new Marvel NOW! roster. A new Deadpool series beginning in November, written by comedian Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan with art by the extraordinary Tony Moore, had Rob, Deadpool's creator, all riled up. He tweeted a complaint yesterday:

"Testament to Deadpool's appeal and durability is that he thrives regardless of being regulated to D-list talent."

Surely you mean "relegated," Rob. And have you read any comics besides your own in the last 15 years? Not to be a douche, but you're no A-lister either. In fact, a Google search of Rob Liefeld turns up some pretty hilarious results.

Anyway, Liefeld apologized on Twitter, but not before the team at Marvel had some fun with the comment, embracing their new D-list status.

More Comics:

The Aurora Rise: Benefit Event is still bringing more and more A-list comic book talent into its fold, creators like Matt Fraction and Mike Mignola, with other creators contributing artwork and other paraphernalia to be auctioned. All of the Colorado benefit's proceeds will be donated to the Aurora Victim Relief Fund. Please visit their Facebook page here.

San Diego Comic-Con online preregistration for 2013 begins tomorrow morning at 0800 PST for registered attendants of the 2012 Con.

Jamal Igle's graphic novel series Molly Danger reaches its third day of Kickstarter campaigning today and has already received an impressive 20% of its lofty $45k goal. Igle is the fan-favorite artist of the Supergirl series that was cancelled preceding the New 52 shakeup at DC.

Film and Television:

The final Dredd 3D poster was released yesterday. This film looks incredible. There, I've said it. September can't come soon enough.

Heat Vision reports that screenwriter Chris McCoy, frequenter of Hollywood's Blacklist, the best unproduced scripts in the movie business, has been brought onboard Marvel's 2014 release Guardians of the Galaxy to perform a rewrite.

Deadline dished the scoop that Russell Crowe may be replacing actor Javier Bardem in the adaptation of Steven King's The Dark Tower. The project really has some ambitious goals, which may be lending to the limbo its been floating about in for the past year or so. The franchise hopes to branch from film into a HBO television series that bridges gaps between film releases. Universal originally had their hands in the cookie jar, but dropped the film. Now Warner Bros. is helping the saga along.

Could M. Night Shyamalan be adapting the Image Comics series Proof for television? We can't say for sure whether the notorious director's upcoming SyFy pilot, entitled Proof and reported by The Hollywood Reporter, is indeed based on Grecian and Rossmo's Sasquatch-starring series, but wouldn't that be cool?

Video games:

Paul Dini will not be returning to write the third installment of Rocksteady's Batman franchise, which included Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. In a tweet, of course, Dini expressed his disappointment with Rocksteady's decision not to bring him back onboard. Several weeks ago, we had reported rumors of the third game, which is said to feature the Justice League and Batman's first encounter with the Joker. Paul is a fantastic writer, and I'm hoping we see him make a return to DC's main continuity books in the coming months. Action Comics, maybe?

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