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Space Pinchy

By Michael Stewart
July 26, 2007 - 02:42


Space Pinchy is essentially about Pinchy,  a sexy pink haired descendant of the ancient race of pinchies. She has the ability to transform into a beefed out version of herself and she wears a skin tight red space suit that is akin to the "Ghost in the Shell" barely there attire.

Her sidekick is a horny little blue alien creature and former master thief named Audrey Q; who loves to stare at Pinchy's naughty parts almost every other panel. He also goes as far to comment on things. This comic in intended for people of 18 years and older! Although in this modern age 16 year olds wouldn't find anything shocking here.

The story picks up after Pinchy transforms into her muscular form, which comes about when pinchies get into a "pinchy" situation. All pinchies apparently have this ability.

Space Pinchy encounters various alien antagonists, a horny conceited space robot, a half naked blue and red sword wielding nut case, and a giant robot that looks like a red toaster oven.  This however is just a portion of the crazy things that happen throughout this book.

Audrey Q however serves as only a comic relief and he has no real purpose in helping Pinchy in her space treasure hunt. Audrey's hobby is listed as "upskirt photography", and this is basically all he does.

One thing that is enjoyable is the comical biography pages on Pinchy and Audrey Q, another notable addition is the pin up pages throughout.

What it all comes down to is a well drawn comic book series that focuses on sexuality more so than anything else, with humor added in to spice things up. I strongly believe the artist enjoyed drawing the sexy babes more so than writing the actual story line, but then again I may be wrong. You judge for yourself.

In conslusion, If you are looking for a space comdey that has sexual overtones and sometimes naked manga babes then this is your cup of tea; if not then don't bother looking at it.

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