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The Secret History of The Authority: Hawksmoor 2 (of 6)

By Patrick Oliver
August 25, 2008 - 10:19

Jack Hawksmoor 'talks' to cities, he has several alien implants (replacing most of his internal organs) which give him superhuman abilities. While on a mission with 'The Authority' - a super human group the he is a member of - Jack discovers that due to an angry and mysterious godlike being, the city of Kiev is refusing to cooperate with him.
Injured trying to save civilians, Jack's mind flashes back to the only other time a city refused to 'talk' to him. San Francisco. 1994.

I want a word with you

There's a dead man in the house and he's not about to give and answers. The house itself is not cooperating as far as information goes.... So who's left?
Juliet, the rather attractive semi-human lady that Jack bumped into last issue, steps through the front door into a darkened room at just the wrong time...
And she's in for a shock.


After some tough questioning and mutual stubbornness on a rooftop, some information begins to flow.  There is a nice aside about a pet he had as a child. Enjoyably pulp noir in it's telling and context. Things relax enough between them for her to divulge some of her history.
Jack even deigns to stop sitting high on a wall and join her at ground level!

Femme fatale?

Though she is free with information, she still manages to lie about her relationship with the dead man. Jack let's it go, for the moment.
Leaving her to deal with the police (again) he visits an old friend, just as an act of terrorism occurs. He tackles the superhuman bombers and just escapes with his life. Battered, bruised and bewildered he turns up at Juliets' apartment seeking shelter. Understandably put out by this she argues with him, the attraction between them bubbles to the surface.

Outside, somebody watches the apartment. But are they following Jack, or are they shadowing Juliet? And how is it that they can watch undetected?

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