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Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws #9


By Philip Schweier
Apr 12, 2017 - 4:06

”Who is Artemis?” part one begins with an incursion into Qurac. We all remember Qurac, no? Well, Jason Todd certainly does. Kinda hard to forget the place where he was nearly beaten to death by the Joker. So what could possibly convince him to come back? The answer, kids, is in the title.

Artemis is on the trail of the Bow of Ra, a mystical weapon of mass destruction, which she believes may now be in the possession of Qurac’s leader. In an effort to recover it, Red Hood and the Outlaws invade the country. But their visit is met with resistance, and each one finds themselves in their own personal variation of psychological hell.

It’s on the start of the latest story arc, so judging the book on the first chapter is impossible. But the references to Jason Todd’s prior career as Robin help elevate what could just be another adventure for Damian Wayne or Dick Grayson.

Soy’s artwork is strong, but what really helps is Gandini’s coloring. It’s so easy to make a dark series darker with such a palette, but she manages to convey the dimness without sacrificing the brighter colors – lighter blues, reds, and golds. Nor do her colors add a polished texture too common in modern comics. Here’s a hint, kids: super-heroes don’t wear glossy spandex. It’s a fight against evil, not a fashion show in Greenwich Village.

As for where the story is likely to go, your guess is good as mine. I won’t spoil how the issue ends, but suffice it to say each of the Outlaws find themselves in situations from which there is little escape. Stay tuned.

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