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Review: Red Hood #27


By Philip Schweier
October 10, 2018 - 04:24

Jason Todd is continuing his wandering ways, traveling the highways and byways. A lonely man, framed for a crime he didn’t commit. (Okay, well, maybe he did do it, but it’s not like the other guy died) (though not from lack of trying). He’s living the Jack Reacher lifestyle, much like the other ex-Robin currently living in Bludhaven.

But a brief battle in a roadside café leads to a bittersweet reunion with Bruce Wayne. Not Batman, all dark and scary in cowl and radiating the fear that strikes terror into the hearts of criminals. But Bruce Wayne, they guy what took a younger Jason under his metaphorical wing and gave him a home.

Thing is, Bruce has bad news; the worst kind. Jason’s buddy Roy Harper is dead. Sure, Roy and Dick Grayson had a lot in common, both wards of wealthy corporate chiefs. But like Jason, Roy had personal issues that led to a break with his mentor, and his life going off the rails. Jason wound up dead; Roy wound up addicted. But a recent refresher at rehab led to Roy’s untimely demise. You think Jason’s going to let that go?

It’s a good story, the centerpiece being the reunion between Jason and Bruce. I was pleased that Lodbdell recognized the value of Bruce in the situation, rather than go for low hanging fruit by touting a Batman guest appearance to boost sales. I feel as if in a few pages, much between Jason and Bruce healed. About damn time.

All this leads Jason to the small town of Appleton – a mix of Smallville, Lake Wobegon and Bedford Falls. It’s so unbelievably wholesome that it can’t be for real – something Jason knows and intends to something about (next issue).

Rating: 8/10

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