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Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws #11


By Philip Schweier
Jun 14, 2017 - 4:52

The ”Who is Artmeis?” story arc concludes, as Artemis goes toe-to-toe with her once-dead-now-alive sister Akila to determine who will be Shim’tar to their people. Who will wield the Bow of Ra in the name of righteousness?

Who cares? As the finale, it’s a given our heroes will be victorious, otherwise, the title would be canceled, no?

Not to say it’s a terrible story, but woefully disappointing. The Bow of Ra, as a McGuffin, is very suitable under the circumstances, but sometimes a McGuffin works best when its fate is left open-ended. And the fate of Akila is disappointing at best. The story doesn’t end; it merely stops, and that’s the biggest disappointment of all.

Which isn’t to say there isn’t a cliffhanger, but that’s a whole new storyline, one to be explored next issue.

Dexter Soy’s artwork is perfectly serviceable. That may sounds as though I’m damning with faint praise, and perhaps I am. But I feel justified, as the Red Hood suddenly wields a pair of blades that A.) he pulled from thin air; and B.) only work on magic. How terribly convenient.

I’ve been enjoying this book as the anti-trinity to Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman, but after almost a year it seems as if it’s still trying to find its legs. Perhaps I should be patient, but when the trade version of this story is released, I recommend avoiding it if at all possible.

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