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Red Hood and the Outlaws # 16

By Paul Mason
Nov 18, 2017 - 11:10

In my Batman Lost review this week I said it wasn’t my favourite DC art. Soy's work on Red Hood may be my favourite art not only in the DC titles currently, but all time. Each panel is gorgeous as I see hints of Rob Liefeld( but crisper like in HD) Jim Lee and Romita Jr. The influences seem to be there in each issue making the comic a beauty to read.

Red Hood and The Outlaws also is a fun comic to read. Lobdell has been called out as a bit of a ridiculous plotter in some titles by reviewers, yet some of the absurdity fits this title.

Brief tangent again referring to the Weird Science podcast, as those lads said if Red Hood and the Outlaws sales struggled or dipped low enough to be cancelled they should be absorbed as characters into the Suicide Squad, well I will go a step further and say regardless of sales figures I think they should be part of Suicide Squad as they fit so well and they can replace some members of the squad that are probably only in the comic thanks to the movie. In looking at you El Diablo and Enchantress. Jason’s team could replace you in the comic and then go on freelance missions in the Red Hood title. But I digress, based on fact the two teams are both outcasts and I can see story lines revolving around Jason working with his killer's ex squeeze.

End tangent.

In the opening Jason is being interrogated by Captain Boomerang as he is still working under his cover as a Gotham crime boss, and he ends interrogation showing what a badass the Red Hood is compared to others. As he escapes he convientially recaps the outlaws being sent to Belle Reve by Batwoman.   Meanwhile Harley is having a session with Artemis, and Bizarro is meeting with Amanda Waller. So looks like there is going to be a suicide squad/outlaws team-up, how exciting.

Rating: 8.5 /10

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