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Review: Nightwing #21


By Philip Schweier
May 17, 2017 - 4:48

Remember the good old days when Dick Grayson was pals with the likes of Speedy and Kid Flash? Well, those days can be had again the latest issue of Nightwing, as Wally West pays a visit to Bludhaven. It’s boys night out for the two, without the peripheral characters introduced in more recent issues.

I enjoy the team-up, though I have not kept up with Wally’s role in the current Rebirth era of the DCU. I Don’t care much for his costume. It’s similar to that of Barry Allen’s, but with light blue accents rather than yellow. As modifications go, it’s far too subtle, and does almost nothing to distinguish himself from his mentor.

New scribe Michael McMillan wrote this issue, displacing previous Nightwing writer Tim Seely. Whether this is a permanent change is unknown, but certainly after 20 issues, Seely is entitled to a rest. He definitely is in need of a recharge, as recent stories have been disappointing at best.

Christian Duce is also new to the team, bringing a refreshing style change to that of Javier Fernandez, who has also been in a marathon drawing session for several issues. Duce has a more traditional style, of bolder lines rather than endless cross-hatching. Such style has its place, but I don’t believe Nightwing is the proper place for it.

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