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Newuniversal #6

By Zak Edwards
May 25, 2007 - 00:23

Marvel’s reinventing of the Newuniversal world that existed in the eighties is putting a new spin on the super-hero.  This new series is more adult in it’s thinking and art, focusing more on how the world around these superhumans is reacting and less on the heroes themselves.  Generally, it has been working well with the series and allowing for good discussion on the concept of a superman, but all the talking and attention away from the supermen themselves has begun to slow the plot too much.  I am not usually the one demanding more of the general costumed adventurer plotting that goes on in traditional comic book adventure tales, but I am starting to feel like I am begging for something, anything to happen.  Developments are rare and building towards something, but without any sort of hint at what it is.  An eventual battle between the super-humans and the regular humans seems obvious, but that wouldn’t fit with how this comic is written.

And the writing is so well thought out.  Warren Ellis is taking his readers on a very thorough journey into a world’s first major encounter with superhumans.  The ideas put forth challenge how we think and react to situations ourselves.  Unfortunately, the pace is becoming so slow through constant adding of new characters and developments that other elements are suffering.  Character development is almost non-existent. John Tensen is a character that makes little sense, his actions barely justified and seemingly random.  The girl with the machine doesn’t have any reason for her actions either.  Once again, only one character seems to be doing anything of the four, and she is only in the first three pages.  No one is getting enough screen time, things are stagnating.  I’m always hoping for the next issue to skyrocket forward and answer my questions, as none are being answered.  But if your looking for a different way of looking at the super-hero, you should probably stick with it as I am.  I am very confident of Warren Ellis’ ability as a writer.

Salvador Larroca’s art is still very fitting for the series as it seems to be heavily set in reality.  The obvious photo referencing is actually an effective device for the most part as it allows the audience to see the familiar and therefore extend their disbelief.  I still love the fact that he draws real people rather than supermodels and I hope he continues with this great work.

7/10    Because of the pace not quickening, the rating from the last review is             going down.

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