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New Mutants #13 Review

By Victor Kutsenok
July 2, 2010 - 11:51

Hello again my comic junkies. I am continuing here my review of the latest X-Men crossover called Second Coming. Here I am reviewing part seven in the crossover New Mutants #13.

So let's talk about the book. After Nightcrawler's funeral, Cyclops splits the teams up. The X-Club go to investigate Bastion's Towers created by Cameron Hodge before he died. When they get there, the towers activate and a countdown clock begins. The X-Club flee with seconds left on the clock. What happens to them, you ask? Go read X-Men:Blind Science. (Or don't. I'll sum up that book in three sentences. Nothing happens. Its all a mental illusion created by Graydon Creed to get them to create a vaccine to remove all mutant powers. The X-Club figure that out, trick Creed, and blow up the bad guys, but not Creed, who escapes.) The New Mutants, on the orders of Cyclops, are teleported to Limbo by Pixie in order to rescue Illyana. Meanwhile, Steven Lang target's the X-Men's last teleporter, Vanisher, and shoots him in the chest as he vanishes. At this time, Donald Pierce blows up the X-Men's Blackbirds. The X-Men fight him and easily destroy him, but the damage is done. The X-Men are now trapped on Utopia with no way to leave. And that's the book.

So let's talk opinions. A good issue for the art's sake. Storywise, its a bit lacking. A bit of progression but nothing major. We are left with the question of what the towers are going to do. Also, Hope is starting to doubt herself. (Big deal, I guarantee she'll get over it.) The art and the decimation of Pierce is great. Other than that, a slow book. I'm starting to get a little bored of this lull before the storm. Marvel didn't need to drag this story over three months. (I know its all money related but I need to feed my family too.) They could have eliminated at least three out of the seven books that have come out so far. And the Blind Science one-shot is a total waste of money.

Overall, I would rate this book a 6 out of 10. Some story progression. Nice art. Quick battle sequence could have been longer. That's my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.

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